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The hobs aren't heating up on my Leisure cooker. Can they be replaced?

There could be various causes of this potential fault. It could be a fault with the control board, for example, rather than the hob part itself.

The technicians and engineers offering Leisure cooker repairs in Melksham will try to repair rather than replace parts of your Leisure cooker where possible.

When can Leisure cooker repairs in Melksham be booked in?

A Leisure cooker repair in Melksham can be arranged most days of the week. In some cases, weekend or evening call outs might be possible. The the customer service advisers can offer further information.

How long do Melksham Leisure cooker repairs usually take?

Many Melksham Leisure cooker repairs can be completed by the first visit. If repairs take longer, the appliance repairers will inform you.

Are Leisure cooker repairs in Melksham always possible?

Whilst the engineers and technicians aim to repair any appliance, Leisure cooker repairs in Melksham for models over 6 years old can be more difficult due to a lack of replacement parts. This doesn't mean older appliances can't be repaired, frequently a service is viable.

Leisure Cooker Repairs Melksham

The Leisure cooker brand has an illustrious history stretching over 230 years.

The majority of UK range cookers are Leisure models. In fact, the first ever range cooker was created by them in 1883.

So it's a given that Leisure cookers have a respectable reputation as some of the best cookers around!

However, despite the cutting edge design and quality craftsmanship, Leisure cookers can acquire issues from time to time.

For example, some common Leisure cooker issues include:

• Temperature control issues
• Hob not turning on
• Fan element faulty
• Door replacement
• Timer not working
• Excessive noise or smoke when turned on
• Oven light blown

These and other cooker faults can all be assessed and addressed by the appliance repairers offering Leisure cooker repairs in Melksham.

Leisure gas cookers shall be repaired by Gas Safe certified individuals for extra peace of mind.

The technicians and engineers will be able to diagnose your cooker and conduct repairs in as little as one day (where possible).

Even if your Melksham Leisure cooker repair does take longer, you won't be charged extra for call out fees, even for repeat engineer visits.

The professionals understand that you don't want to pay a fortune to get your Leisure cooker repaired.

A transparent pricing structure for Leisure cooker repairs in Melksham and Wiltshire is offered. The Leisure cooker repair service in Wiltshire will only use suitable tools and methods.

Keeping your Leisure cooker in nearly new condition is a good idea, so don't let any issues go neglected. Get it repaired promptly and effectively by the technicians and engineers.

For an estimate simply fill in the online form on this page, or call the number provided. You will shortly get a response for Leisure cooker repair in Melksham.

Leisure cooker repair Melksham

Melksham Leisure Range Cooker Repair

The appliance repairers offer Leisure range cooker repairs in Melksham for popular models that include:

• A La Carte
• Cookmaster
• Classic
• Cuisinemaster
• Gourmet

Overlooking a defect in your cooker for too long could only cause more issues.

It also prevents you from using your cooker properly, and can be a serious health and safety danger too.

When your cooker acquires a fault you need to contact the professionals about Leisure cooker repairs in Melksham.

The appliance repairers aim to rapidly repair your Leisure cooker to a functioning condition again in no time at all.

They can complete many repairs on day one, and aim to cause the minimum disturbance possible.

So get in touch today for Leisure cooker repairs in Melksham from the professional. Enquire with the website form or call the team for an estimate.

Recent Enquires

hello, I have aleisure range master x the light to the grill has not turned off for sometime. however, the grill was still turning off. now, it is getting more difficult to turn off the grill. I believe the knob needs adjusting.


rangemaster x leisure oven.. we have recently moved into a new property where the oven was already installed. we were advised the previous owners had obtained a quote of approx 60 for a part needed to repair the left hand oven. it lights with the aid of the ignition button but the flame remains low. there is now also a problem with one of the gas rings which does not light. the other oven is working fine and does not require the ignition button for it to switch on. your help and advice would be appreciated.


rangemaster55 (leisure). poor gas flow to oven so little heat. this happened before and was due to a blockage which was cleared on servicing.


hi we have a leisure range cooker , the middle hob has a poor flame ,over gassed just wondering if it`s fixable and how much please


hi,we have a leisure dual fuel cooker that runs off external lpg gas canisters and I would like to have it serviced. we live in well - rg291tl. can you please advise availability and price. thanksphil


leisure cook master dual fuel. I think it is ck100f232b or similar model. the fan oven shorted and now no longer heats up at all although the light and fan itself still works. prior to this the fab oven temperature was v uneven and would burn things at the back and lightly cook at the front. there is also one gas ring that no longer work.apart from these faults i€™m not sure if there is a general servicing that can be offered? thanks


leisure grb6cvc cream/cooke. the bottom oven door handle has come off.


the brand is €leisure€. it is a range gas cooker. the foil insulation in a door is slipping down between the glass double glazing.


the fan in the fan assisted oven of our rangemaster x leisure has become noisy and occasionally sticks and does not turn. it is over 10 years old but clean and in excellent condition.


rangemaster leisure x gas ovens top right and bottom left not regulating


leisure cuisine master 100hellothe glass lid on my range wont stay up. can you repair thisthanksdeb


leisure classic 90 serial no x the gas oven ignites but dosnt increase in flame or temprature